We take pride in the quality of our team and on how they render the services we offer to our clients. Below are some client testimonials we would love to share with you. These stories are the testament to our teams’ dedication to providing excellent care.

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  1. I found a home! Where I learnt how to take care of my son. I found immense emotional support, where I express my anger, fears and frustrations in this journey without being judged.

  2. Mine can’t be said in few words. Maybe a novel would do. But simply, it was my consolation and classroom at the point I learnt what was ailing my son.

  3. I thought I had been bewitched or alone, but I found another family n realized mine was just a peanut n family go through a lot. I feel at home as I know here no unworthy judgements.

  4. This platform has taught me humility, true friends along the way, I have learned ALOT, facing different challenges and parents here are very supportive, the energy is all for positive outcome, resources, workshop, directions and above all hands on from your crew. I take some advice from here and have applied the knowledge. Thanking this platform as I have met and made outstanding friends, above all KENYA AUTISM ALLIANCE are the PARENT’S without them there is nothing, kudos to the effort of this group, Positive Energy and refreshing stories every day. God bless this group and you all, thanks Cyndy for doing your best and above all, checking in on your parents. You are a true team builder. This group is action.

  5. KENYA AUTISM ALLIANCE has been great support for me as a SEN professional!! It’s given me great networking opportunities!! Thank you Cyndy for being so available 24/7 & all your encouragement & the parents who trust the process k understand the importance of early intervention!

  6. It has given me the freedom to talk about my daughter on many levels. The milestones, the struggles, the adaptation the lack of it etc. Under the same breath it has also allowed me to know of other people’s stories with their own children and appreciate what we do as parents. Kenya Autism Alliance has also allowed me to share what has worked over the years with my child in hopes that it encourages others and gives them ideas on what to try out. Kenya Autism Alliance is a community, a safe place.

  7. Since I joined, I have learnt a lot of things from reading parents’ journey. Thanks, my friend for telling me about KENYA AUTISM ALLIANCE. It has been uplifting and educative. Besides Kenya Autism Alliance, Cyndy you have been a constant voice of strength, reason and direction (focus). Thanks for all the great linkages you have created with our center and the SL and music therapist, and of course the laughing. God bless and energize you even more.

  8. I would cry every day asking questions like, ‘why me’ but since I joined KENYA AUTISM ALLIANCE am glad am not alone.

  9. Issues of ‘boarding or not boarding’ (school) ….at one point I needed to make this decision for my child and views given here on the issue made me make a choice that I believe was the best. Long live Kenya Autism Alliance!

  10. Potty training, one woman came here and narrated her story. I duplicated her strategy and we good now!

  11. KENYA AUTISM ALLIANCE is a very important platform for us parents to share our ups and downs with Autism. “A problem shared is a problem halved”, our children are of different ages and there is an immense pool of experience and expertise to be found here as well as moral support which would have simply not been available. I am personally grateful for the all the amazing parents in this forum who reach out to others, offer help and advice (especially to those with newly diagnosed children). Kenya Autism Alliance has brought together a community of people who lean on each other and that, I think, is the more valuable support anyone could ever provide

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